Issue with the Overview page

I had this problem a couple of times last week, but nothing since.

Perhaps there’s an ongoing problem with Roon’s servers?

Had this today and over the weekend. It is Tidal related. Looks like it is logged in but it isnt. There was a whirling circle on the login entry. Had to log out then back in again to fix it.
The issue started in an odd way. I could search for a tidal album but pressing play did nothing. It just seemed to lock Roon up for a while.

Hmm, although I have Tidal enabled in my Services, I don’t have any Tidal selections in my library.


The only way to be sure is to log out of Tidal for a few days and see if the issue goes away.
If this isn’t fixed soon I will be logging out of Tidal permanently.

Yeah, I haven’t had a problem since last week.

The only reason I have Tidal at all is that there was a special of 4 months for $4, or something like that.
I was having problems playing tracks under Qobuz and wondered if there would be problem under Tidal.

There wasn’t, so there’s that.

Hi @xxx,

If you see this issue return please let us know and we’ll take a closer look!

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