Issue with tidal playback

Tidal tracks cut out

windows 10 64bit
microsoft surfacebook w8gb core i7 6th gen 2.81 mhz
NAS Qnap TS451 quad core 2.00mhz 8gb ram
connected by LAN
thru put Mytek Broolyn dac +
Ressonance Invicta DAC
Hugo 2 dac


router asus d700
latest firmware
network wired

roon 3

Tidal streaming
all files

premium and mqa

dacs used above

time 16.58

one more thing the tidal app works fine

Hello @crispin_hearn,

For clarification, which of the machine’s are you running your Roon Core instance on, the QNAP or the Windows 10 machine?


qnap installed on a ssd

i am also having issues with playing files from the qnap

Hello @crispin_hearn,

Can you try running your Roon Core on your Windows computer and streaming from Tidal? This will help us localize where the issue is occurring in the context of your system topology. Once we figure that out, we can take steps to try and remedy the issue.


yes sure will get back to you with results

its worse still with the install on my laptop

just to let you know that the tidal desktop app works just fine , also the android app does not work , the keyboard keeps disappearing when trying to type a search

Hello @crispin_hearn,

Firstly, in regards to the Tidal issue, lets take a look into what’s going on when you’re getting these dropouts. What I’d like to do is enable diagnostics on your account, and have you attempt playback again and presumably run into this issue. When this occurs, reply to this thread with the time and date (local time is fine) that it occurred. I’ll then be able to request the diagnostic logs from your Core during that period surrounding the dropouts and send them over to the tech team for troubleshooting.

Secondly, in regards to the Android issue, may I ask what Android device you are using? We have a known issue with devices that are implementing a feature usually referred to as “full screen mode”. We are working on a fix for our Android client. In the interim, we recommend that users disable “full screen mode” for the Roon application in their device settings until this fix is rolled out.


20.36 2/4/2018
20.37 2/4/2018
20.38 2/4/2018


Hello @crispin_hearn,

I can see the dropouts from your NAS Core playing to your computer in the logs, however the diagnostics server did not pick up on an instance of running Roon Core on your windows machine. Could you attempt the setup of running Roon Core on the Windows machine again and report back when you see dropouts?


do you mean the roon server or the roon software with the core etc

Hello @crispin_hearn,

On your Windows computer, follow these steps to temporarily run your account’s Roon Core on the Windows computer

  1. Click the navigation menu in the top left corner, and open settings
  2. Make sure the “General” tab is selected
  3. You should see your “Core” machine listed, click on the “Disconnect” button
  4. You should be presented the option to connect to “This PC”, or your NAS, select your PC
  5. Roon will warn that your other Core with be de-authrozied during this process, select de-authorize, this will not delete any of your data so don’t worry
  6. Roon will walk you through the onboarding process like you were setting it up for the first time, you can skip the local importing process, make sure you log into your Tidal account however
  7. Once you’re finished with the onboarding process, Roon should appear and start to populate your Library with your Tidal content
  8. At this point, you should see your local zones available for playback, so try and play to the zones and note if you see dropouts or not
  9. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to resume Roon as you were using it by going to settings>general and reconnecting to your NAS Core


Hi John

so i have played over local zones and there are no drop outs , does this mean there is an issue with my nas ?



so reconnected the nas again and tidal stopped in the first 2 seconds at 22.14
the problem seems to be getting worse
i can stream from my nas to foobar and vlc no problem
and use the tidal app also on my pc

This device is slower than our recommended requirements, so unfortunately you may simply be experiencing performance issues.

It’s possible something else is going on, but performance is really going to depend on the number of tracks you’ve imported into your library. How big is your collection?

Not sure what else we can do here – Roon requires a reasonably fast Core machine in order to perform properly, and that NAS is a good deal slower than what we recommend.

OK i have now switched to my PC as the core and it skipped at 17.41 3 times in one minute so i now doubt it is my NAS but a problem at your end

again at 17.43

17.46 also