Issue with updating to 898 from 884 on M1 mac

Roon Core Machine

NUCLEUS+ Rev. [2 || B}
Roon core updated fine.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS router and wifi.
I don’t see this being an issue as I can play music on the M1 mac but can’t download/update Roon on it.

Connected Audio Devices

Only the M1 mac running Monterey has this issue.
This is the only device I have tried to update that has issue.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I have tried the last 2 nights to update Roon on the Mac M1 laptop and it fails. I took a picture last night of the error but now looking at it and it is just a blurred mess that I can’t ever read so I will need to take a new one tonight or screenshot.
The issue is that when I opening Roon and go to settings->about or starting Roon and waiting for the notification that there is an update and clicking update all, both of these will show this device is downloading but it only progresses a small <10% before saying there was an issue with the update or download.
If I ignore the update popup I can just start playing music so it is communicating the nucleus and 4 other Intel Macs and PCs have all been able to update. All devices are on the same network.

Please let me know what you need other then a screenshot of this and I will get that as soon as possible.

Here are screenshots of what I am getting. Any ideas what is going on and why it fails to do the update but still can play songs and communicate with Nucleus+ fine?

I recently set up my M1 Mac Mini for remote use. Nucleus is my core. It has updated to 898 without issue. Have you tried the usual of shutting everything down and restarting your network? This usually clears any issues.

I had a similar issue with my M1 MacBook Pro on Monterey 12.2. The new 898 build downloaded and Roon closed. Upon reopening Roon, build 884 was still installed.

I resolved this by directly downloading the current version from the roon website.

I will do a physical restart of the Nucleus+ as I have only done the software reboot once since update.

Do you uninstall Roon and then install the new version or does the new install overwrite the old one?

I installed the newly downloaded version over the old (dragged into the Apps folder and selected Replace), and b898 works fine. We’ll see whether the next update installs normally the old fashioned way or not.

The M1 is also not my core, which is on Linux.

I downloaded the new installer form Roon website and did the replace and it worked. Hopefully this is not how it will work going forward.

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