Issue with USB-A to USB-A connection between Nucleus and Marantz PM7000n

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus with 2TB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Network. USG, two switches. System is hardwired. No VPN for service.

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz PM7000N connected via the USB-A on Marantz to the USB-A on the Roon Nucleus

Number of Tracks in Library

Qobuz streaming mostly at this point

Description of Issue

When we installed this system for the client we were passing the audio from the Nucleus to the Marantz over the USB connection. For some reason yesterday when we went to upgrade the clients speaker cables the USB connection was no longer showing in Roon and instead was using Airplay. The Nucleus is up to date(although I forgot to take note of firmware version).

Had a similar situation with a USB connection to a different device. Try removing the USB cable from the nucleus, power cycle the nucleus, then reconnect the USB cable.

That has worked for me with NUC to OPPO via USB.

What version of the Roon software is on the Nucleus?

Hey @Alexander_Spak,

Ben here with the support team. I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if you were still running into issues here?

I also noticed you mention you’re working with a client, are you a dealer? Let me know :+1:

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