Issue with USB DAC


I have a customer that is plugging an OPPO HA-1 into the USB port on Rpi 3B which also has the PecanPi DAC on it.

What do they need to do to play to the USB DAC inside the OPPO HA-1?

I know that not all USB devices are supported is this one of them?


If he is using RoPieee or DietPi, there is a parm that must be set to point to USB rather than the HAT.

I don’t use DietPi anymore and my RoPieee doesn’t have a DAC HAT but it would be in here -

They enabled Audio USB or is it something else?

Do they also have to select the USB device from the HAT pulldown?

What OS is it, RoPieee?

I don’t use a DAC HAT, I use a HiFiBerry Digi+, so I’m just guessing. For RoPieee -


Once they do that, they’ll probably have to re-enable it in Settings==>Audio.

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Yes it’s ropiee. I will have them give it a go.

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It’s working now, thank you @xxx

Hi, I have a RPi4 with Ropieee connected to my HA-1 USB DAC. I enabled USB Audio in Ropieee, but the music sputters and drops. Did you have to do anything different?

After setting it per this post there was no issues:

Should not make any difference mine is pi 3b.