Issuees on Raspberry Roonbridge

Hi dear community,

I am back on roon after quite a long absence.:slight_smile: I have ready my own small Raspberry Pi system and succeeded so far, with some small problems.
Set up is the following:

  • Roon Server on NUC10i5 with Debian bullseye nightly build
  • Roon Bridge on Raspberry OS Debian Buster based ( Build May 2020)
  • Allo Digione

Issues are the following:

  • Payback is skipping Tracks when sample rate/bit depth change
  • The bridge has to be enabled again, after every powering down and up the Pi

These occur when using USB or the Digione, so I would guess it is some Linux/Alsa issue server or brigde side wise.

Edit: I have tried to use the resync setting with no effect on the problem and Dacs used are RME ADI-2 Dac and SPL Director mk2. Both with the same outcome.

Help from some Linux experienced folks would be highly appriciated :slight_smile:

Note, that I know ROCK and Ropieee would be the most stable solution and I am doing that for educational reasons only.



Install a stable non-development release for your Roon Server and use Ropieee on the RPi/ Roon Bridge.