Issues after Windows 10 Creators Update (crash on start) [Resolved]

Roon version: 1.3 (build 209) 64 bit
OS: Windows 10, Version 1703, Build 15063.13
PC spec: i7 6850k, 32gb ddr4, gtx 1080,
Library location: internal WD Red 4tb hdd
specs cont. -
Library size: approximately 30k tracks

After installing Windows 10 version 1703 Roon crashes during startup.
Issue persists after a clean install.

Event viewer errors -


Are you using the NVidia Drivers as downloaded from the NVidia site or the drivers as installed by Microsoft. If the later, I would try and download the latest straight from NVidia and see if that makes a difference.


Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t sure if Windows had installed any drivers so I used the Display Driver Uninstaller utility to prep for a clean install of the latest from Nvidia as suggested.

After restarting that appears to have fixed whatever the issue was so I’d have to guess that Microsoft somehow broke the previously installed drivers with the OS update as I had this same driver version (381.65 r. 4/05/2017) already installed prior to updating.

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Glad to hear you got it resolved. I never trust Windows or Windows Updates with Drivers, especially video drivers. I believe there is a way to get Windows to not update drivers (but leave other updates intact) -

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