Issues connecting to Core from Android/iPad

If you are having difficulty obtaining or maintaining a connection with your Roon Core using a mobile device you may find my experience helpful.

I have both an Android phone (LG V30+) and an Apple IPad Pro which suddenly and for no clear reason would not consistently connect to my Roon Core which is located on a Windows 10 PC. The library is on a Synology Raid NAS. By way of contrast, the Sonos control software on the same devices has never had connection problems and music from the same file source broadcasts to the Sonos satellites very reliably. Also, the Roon software on the PC itself has had no problems with connecting.

After exploring various possible solutions including disabling Norton 360, I discovered that setting the PC to a fixed IP address was the solution. Since doing this, my controlling devices have been finding the core with minimal delays. There are still brief lags which I do not have with the Sonos Controllers but the main thing is ROON now works!

If only Roon would integrate Deezer, I could drop using the Sonos for the most part….

If you wish to try this, you can easily find instructions on how to set a fixed IP address on YouTube. I also decided to set a fixed IP address for my NAS but that in itself did not solve the issue. It was only once the PC with the Roon Core was set that things stabilized….

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Been working for some time now but suddenly my LG30+ won’t find the Core. The iPad on the other hand had a brief problem but has resumed normal service… the IP address remains unchanged as do other settings as far as I know…

Update post - Easter — Roon on my Android phone continued working until just before Easter and then stopped for no apparent reason for three days. On Easter Sunday it suddenly started working again for the whole day but from Easter Monday it has no-longer worked. During this whole time, Roon on my iPad has been working fine on the same network… Go figure…

Hi @Paul_Weston,

I would check the IGMP Snooping/Proxying options on your router, sometimes these settings have helped with multicast issues in the past. You could also try click on the “Help” button and inputting the IP address of the Core directly or the 255 address:

OK, I will try anything… last night my IPad suddenly stopped finding the core… but my phone started to and worked all evening! Oh and yes, typing the Core IP address directly does not work… I will however try the 255 suggestion as well …

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Just wish Roon was as stable as Sonos… Right now I am very uncertain about a lifetime commitment…

Hi @Paul_Weston,

Do give the IGMP Snooping/Proxying settings a try, as they have helped with multicast issues in the past. I would also be interested to know if the 255 suggestion works out, so please do let us know.

Hi, Last night I checked the GMP Snooping/Proxying settings on my router and they are enabled which I presume means they are OK? I also tried the 255 suggestion on both my LG30+ and on IPad. On my LG it did allow Roon to see the Win 10 PC server computer with the core on it but initially it kept failing to connect. It did not help with the IPad at all which had also lost connection. I gave up and edited photos… This morning after about an hour of closing and opening the app and just waiting, suddenly both devices were connecting before I left for work… Can’t wait to get home …Hmm???

Home now and phone took 30 to 40 minutes to connect after app update.

Hi @Paul_Weston,

What model/manufacturer is your networking gear? Have you ensured that you have the newest firmware installed on the router?

Tplink vr1600v connected to OrbiRBR50 with 3 Orbi satellites for wifi… big house. Core on a Windows 10 PC and music on a Synology 2 drive raid NAS connected to PC. Yes up to date. BTW. LG30 took about 5 mins to re-connect this morning while iPad re-connected immediately. LG30 could see Core without re-typing 255 but still was very slow to connect.

Hi @Paul_Weston,

To which of the access points was the LG connected vs the iPad? If the Core and Remote are on the same access point, does that change the delay amount?

Can’t say precisely. I was sitting in a particular chair in a specific room with both devices trying to connect. I assumed they were both using the same access point but I guess I would have to log into my Orbi to see which access point was being used by the respective devices… Yes?

Hi @Paul_Weston,

Yes, you should be able to check in your Orbi settings, or if you want to try a simpler test, you could try temporarily unplugging the extra access points and leave just one active and see if the issue still occurs.

Just a quick update to say that initially Roon seems to be connecting better after the new update but respective access connections do still seem to be an issue which I am continuing to explore

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Hi @Paul_Weston - I would try the suggestion I mentioned before, temporarily unplug the other access points and verify if the behavior is the same with everything connected to one.

After a bit of experimenting it seems the problem was Norton 360s firewall permissions… Although Roon was given permission to function on a private network, only when it was given the non recommended option to work on a public network…ie with reduced security as in public spaces if I understand correctly… have my devices been able to maintain connection with the Core. I don’t have precise description of the permissions but I hope this makes sense… Since granting I have had minimal problems apart from forgetting to ensure Roon is up and running all the time…

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Hi @Paul_Weston,

Glad to hear you sorted the issue out with Norton 360, hope you have a continued enjoyable Roon expeirence!