Issues finding and change primary artist to the correct one

The album “If the Cat Come Back” by the band “Skeletons” is not being properly identified by Roon.


If I search for “Skeletons,” three artists with the same name come up as shown in the following screen shot.

The one crossed out in red is the not the correct band. The one squared in bright green is the correct band, but the album “If the Cat Come Back” is not found there. The album “If the Cat Come Back” is found in the one squared in blue, but this is not the correct artist page as there is no information on it. As shown in the screen shot, there are other albums under this artist and these are all correctly identified as from “Skeletons”, they are just on the wrong artist page.

Now, if I hit the “back” browsing button at the top of the screen I end up back at the search results. I go to the artist that was squared in bright green in the earlier screen shot, which is the correct artist and end up here. There are other albums by the artist and they appear here.

All of these albums are from Qobuz, but they are properly identified so I should be able to assign my album “If the Cat Come Back” with them as primary artist. When I go back to that album and go into the album editor and select “Add Primary Artist” the search screen pops up. I enter “Skeletons”, but I am only given 1 option and it is the same “Skeletons” that my album is already under, so it still does not identify the album correctly.

So, I went back to the correct artist page (the one that was squared in bright green) that had only Qobuz albums in it and I selected one of the albums from Qobuz “Am I Home” and added it to my library. Once I did that, my album “If the Cat Come Home” all of a sudden appeared in this artist page. The album still shows it as being “unidentified” but it is now under the correct “Skeletons”.

Next, I deleted that Qobuz album “Am I Home?” from my library and my album “If the Cat Come Home” is still in the correct artist page.

I don’t know what is going on with this artist and/or album but there is something wrong here, like why the correct artist appeared when searching, but not when searching for a primary artist. It is also strange that when I added the Qobuz album to my library, my album was then moved to the correct artist page.
This is also not the first time there has been a metadata issue with a very strange and complicated work around. Another one has to do with the artist “Julia”. Roon had albums that are in my library that are from the Austrian rock band “Julia” listed under the same artist page as some female pop singer named “Julia.” In my albums the “All tracks performed by Julia” would take me to the “Julia” artist page for the rock group. Yet, when I tried to assign my albums with the correct artist, multiple artists appeared named “Julia” but none of them had artist images, so how am I supposed to select the correct one? And now, even after I finally got my albums to show up under the correct artist page, they still show up in the “appearances” section of the incorrect “Julia” artist pages.

Hopefully this is enough information to fix this issue. Thanks!