Issues finding TIDAL content in Roon

I have a related question. I have songs that I like in tidal but the don’t appear in a Roon search and copies that had been in my playlists now give me the error that the track is not available on tidal. This error message is demonstrably wrong often. Right now I’m having issues with Protoje, Angéle and Chronixx as examples.

Tidal may delete an album or track due to licensing, this then breaks the links in roon so playlist entries aren’t there. If you search for the same albums and tracks you may find them but they are new versions that tidal has added.

Hi @Michael_Hedges,

Are the tracks still accessible in the native TIDAL app under that playlist/library entry?

It is possible that the streaming rights have changed for the track (as @ged_hickman1 mentioned) and TIDAL is no longer authorized to stream that specific version of the track.

When this occurs, it would show the track as unavailable in Roon.

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