Issues mapping network drive

@support I have a synology nas DS412+. I am configuring roon on an iMac 5K 27" i5 8gb ram. When attempting to map a network drive on the synology I receive an error. The issue is that the folder has latin chars. The folder is smb:\Diskstation\MiMúsica
If I try to map any other folder with no latin characters, it maps. However my music library is on that directory. One workaround is for me to create a non-latin char folder and do a symbolic link to where the real content is, but before doing it I rather wait for you to confirm there is a bug with the software or any other method to map my folder.

There are some characters Roon can’t deal with. I’ve run into that problem with album titles. There’s a list of bad characters somewhere on the KB. At one time, someone in @support said they had a fix that would accept the currently unacceptable, but I guess that hasn’t been implemented.