Issues playback with 2 Squeezebox Touch in network

I have been using a Squeezebox Touch for about 6 months now with Roon, and it has been working flawlessly.

Now I have added a second SQBT to my network,
Playing music on my SQBT 2, (ip-adress works fine but on its display, it is showing the music info (title, artist, album cover) of the other SQBT (ip adress

Also, I cannot use the control buttons on the screen, as the screen is ‘linked’ to the other SQBT.
(i.e. cannot use stop, forward, … buttons)

On my Roon Control PC , the correct music information is displayed & managed.

I have been searching through all possible configuration settings, both in Roon as on the SQBT’s, but to no advance.

Anybody an idea what’s going wrong and what to do about it?


P.S. No problems whatsoever with Roon 1.6 and my ‘hifi’ setup (incl. HQPlayer)

In the Settings menu on the second Squeezebox what is it pointing to under “Choose Player”?

It was indeed not pointing to the right SQBT. But strangely enough, under Choose player , I have the names : Squeezebox Touch, and Squeezebox Touch Two. I do not understand why it does not show the actual names given to the devices in the settings.
I will try again, but pointing to the other Squeezebox in that settings menu solved the problem.
Thanks very much for the guidance

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