Issues playing internet radio[Ticket in]

I’m puzzled. Since installing Roon and setting up internet radio stations I find that I can only play stations if I initially have been playing something from my audio collection of music, and then switch to radio and play a station? Any ideas on why I cannot start Roon and go directly to playing a station?

Hey @Stephen_Schaffer – can you give us the details of your setup, and some more details about the steps you’re taking that seem to be failing?

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

Hardare is Mac Mini (late 2014 2.8Ghz 8GB mem) running Roon / HQPlayer with WD USB attached Hard Drive. Connected via Ethernet to Cisco 8port switch. Ethernet out of switch to microRendu running HQPlayer NAA mode. microRendu is wired USB to Berkeley Alpha USB converter then AES/EBU to Berkeley Ref DAC. Roon on the Mac is pointing to the folder of music on the external disk. I’ve added 4 stations to the Roon app on the Mac.

If I happen to shutdown the Roon app and restart it and attempt to play any station nothing occurs. If I then go to the list of albums or other parts of the library and play something it does. Only then if I go back to the internet station list can I successfully play any or all of them.

If on the other hand I start Roon and choose to start a station I see the back and forth motion of the slider but nothing happens beyond that. No music plays. In some cases I do see what’s supposed to be playing but it’s not. HQPlayer is properly listed for Zone. And the HQPlayer app shows the Berkeley Alpha as the device it’s communicating with. And the microRendu switcher app shows the HQPlayer properly set. I go to play a song from the library and all is well. I then go to a station and turn it on and sure enough it takes off.

Hope that clarifies things. I’m wondering if I missed some crucial step along the way.

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I’ve seen this also and am also using HQP as an output (see profile). If I swap the mR to Roon Ready it doesn’t happen. Starting Internet Radio first seems to miss some initialisation required to output to HQP.

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Hello @Stephen_Schaffer,

Thank you for the report, ticket is in.

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I have the exact same issue.