Issues w Qobuz + TIDAL streaming in Roon 1.7

Hey all – we’re investigating some issues related to Qobuz and TIDAL streaming in Roon 1.7.

The most common symptom we’re hearing is that some Roon users (but not all) are experiencing playback skips to the next track in the queue before the track is complete.

If you’re experiencing this issue, please open a new thread in the #support category with the following information:

  • What are the specs of your Core machine
  • What endpoints are affected? If you’re on Windows or Mac does this happen with the system output?
  • What is the topology of your network? How is your Core connected? How are your affected endpoints connected? Is everything WiFi or ethernet?
  • What is the speed of your internet connection?
  • Does this happen with all content, only high res, etc?
  • What exactly happens when playback fails? Does Roon fail to complete the song? Does the next song always work?
  • Does logging in and out of Qobuz/TIDAL have any effect?

We’re working to resolve this issue, so please be sure to add your information in a new thread, and support will make sure to keep you updated about this issue.