Issues with Backups

Hello. Using I’m using Win10, and my music is on theinternal hard disk of my PC and on my Roon Nucleus.

I can’t configure backups to Roon. When I type it in the Network share location box it gives me “invalid Network path” error.

What am I doing wrong?


Did you check your Windows share using other computer than Windows and Nucleus?
Did you activate SMB functionality in Windows? Roon OS cannot handle standard Windows share.

No I did not. In fact, I cannot even see my Nucleus in my network (even though it is up and running).
What should I do? Thanks. Newbie here …

See here:

I can see the Nucleus in my PC but I cant see it on my network (?)

Seems ok now as I’ve enabled SMB in Win 10.

I can see Nucleus now in the Network. However, the only option that I get for backups is Dropbox(?). I cannot see my internal hard drive

If it’s not a drive connected via USB to the Nucleus (or NUC or whatever is running ROCK or Core) it will not show up. You cannot backup to the internal drive (which would make no sense for a backup). You will need to manually add the path by clicking the “+Network Share”." Personally I just use two USB thumb drives plugged into my ROCK NUC.

Thanks. So either I do it manually or I connect the Nucleus to an external drive ?

Yes, best way is to connect the Nucleus to an external drive (again, I think thumb drives best - 16gb is plenty big enough and you can do several of them for not much money - I have one set to back up every three days at night, and the other every five days and limit the amount of backups they can make - mine is set to max of 3). Otherwise, if you want to back up over your network to another PC, NAS, etc, you need to add the exact file path info to where you want to the backup to go, make sure the device is up and running and connected to your network, and then Roon will do the rest for you just like adding a drive to the Nucleus.


Thanks Charles. All clear.

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