Issues with dropouts on Roon

So if you see the diagram below you can see where these devices are at in my house.

I’d like to start by saying that my wifi speed is 300mbs and that my connection to the problem computer to the AP is 145mbps. I can use tidal on it’s own with out any problems, and I don’t see anything else on my network having issues other than Roon. It drops out when I play files from my NAS and even when I use tidal. Oddly enough when I use tidal by it’s self I suffer no such dropouts.

What other options do I have? At first I thought my factory router was the issue so I bought a new and very nice fast AP, but the drop outs keep happening. same thing happens in my living room with Airplay on apple TV trying to play music from my core to my deep blue. It’s pretty close to the AP as well.

Core is a 2009 Macbook pro that only runs ROON and has 8gb of ram. My laptop that has issues with dropouts is a 2012 MBP retina with 8gb of ram as well. If that helps.

Here are my settings in ROON. I tried the max buffer size because of the drop outs, but it does it when that is checked and when it’s not checked.

Hey @Ryan_Miller – thanks for all the details here. We can gather some logs and look into this, but first why don’t you read over this article about dropouts. It covers all the known causes, and should help you narrow things down.

Some other pieces of information that will help us resolve this for you:

  • Does anything change when you store files locally on the Core?
  • What output device are you using? Does anything improve when you use system outputs and laptop speakers?
  • Do the dropouts get worse with higher resolution content, or are they the same regardless of bit rate?
  • If you plug in the 2012 MBP over ethernet, do the dropouts improve?

Your network sounds solid, but these are all good tests to run to see if you can narrow down the problem.

We’ve been gathering information about dropouts lately to see if there are any configurations that are particularly susceptible, so look for @Eric to follow up to gather some more information about your setup.


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Do the dropouts occur with all music formats even standard red book flac?

Even though you have an AC access point, your pc and laptop are probably running wireless G and N so you wont get the full speed of AC. Have you tried using a wifi sniffer app on your phone to see if there are a lot of other interfering wifi signals using the same channel? I would mess around with channels to see if you get better reliability.

Also, what model is your NAS? I assume it hardwired to the access point?


Those are good questions too :wink:

  • Mike I just noticed your question I don’t know how I missed it, as it was entered first.I’m making another reply below answering those questions.

Using wireless diag tool I’m getting 300mbps on the core , and 145-200mpbs at the problem computer recently I’ve had dropouts on the core as well. (While I’m typing this it is dropping out). I only have FLAC files on my NAS but the drop outs are also happening with tidal, and tidal for me never drops out when I’m using it as a stand alone app.

The NAS is a personal cloud 4TB and yes it is hard wired to the router.

I hope that helps , let me know if I can provide any other information.

I don’t have any files stored locally , but I will try that

On the core I’m using USB to a Peachtree Nova 125
On my 2012 mbpr I’m using optical to a NAD D3020

Drop outs happen with every resolution from 16/44 to 192/24

Hardwiring the core is not an option unfortunately, but the connection to the AP is at 300mbps

Just wanted to add, I’m not sure why this is now happening, but the core is dropping out as well. With FLAC from my NAS and Tidal :frowning:

Is it possible for you to wire your computers to the access point? This would help to pinpoint if its a wireless issue or a software playback issue.

EDIT…just saw your post about not being able to hardwire the core.

I have a 50ft cable being delivered tonight, I’ll drag it in here and give it a shot. I bought it to move my access point more out into the open and closer to the problem laptop, but with the core dropping out as well I don’t know what to think. I just reset the NAS and the Core, should be done processing the music here shorty.

I do now have some locally stored files and will try to also play those though both laptops and see if the problem remains.

You might also try moving the Core over to the other MBP and seeing if that helps.

The 2009 Macbook Pro is probably running a Core 2 Duo, which should just be powerful enough to run Roon assuming you’re using an SSD for the system drive, and that your library isn’t huge.

Let us know how the tests go @Ryan_Miller and we’ll get this worked out. Thanks!

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Thank Mike.

So I reset my NAS and reset my Macbook that was the CORE.

I first started with DSOTM which is stored locally on the Core, and it played fine on the 2012 MBP. It’s 192/24 So that was a good start.

Next I tried tidal, and it also played with out any drop outs.

Finally I tired a file from the NAS that was 192/24 and so far no issues. I played about 3 songs each, and did some intensive work in my browser as well. So far so good. Let’s home it will fix the issue. I’ve reset it before and it did not seem to help.