Issues with Files/Folders/Playlists when migrating to Nucleus+

Previously using a MacMini as core with an external SSD drive. The drive contained separate folders for various music types (CD / Box Sets / 24bit / DSD etc). Each folder was set up as a separate path in Roon’s Storage section.

Purchased a Nucleus+ and installed a 4TB SSD. Transferred files/folders from the external SSD to the Nucleus internal storage.

Restored from MacMini backup.

I was expecting to simply modify the directory paths in line with the new storage, but the internal SSD only appears as one single directory with no option to add paths separately. When enabling the internal storage this has started a new scan of the entire library (34,000 tracks). This won’t take into account all of the edits I’ve made over the years. It’s also rendered my 100+ playlists useless.

Is there a way to solve this without keeping the music on an internal drive? Hoping somebody can help.

Just experimenting in the ‘Storage’ menu and changed the path for CD rips. To do this I added the Nucleus+ as a Network Share. For example:


This found the albums and retained my edits, but I’m wondering are there any performance issues setting up the directories this way?

You must disable the default Music Folder in Settings > Storage, otherwise Roon will start counting all your albums and tracks twice.

And thinking about it, if you just had you Music Folder as the sole Watched Folder, doesn’t Roon need to scan it and then realize (if the structure is the same as on the external drive) that it will simply adjust the filepaths in its database?

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That’s what I’ve done. I’ve disabled the default folder, but the only way to add the individual locations is to set the folder up as a network share.
My only concern with this being a drop in audio quality as a result of routing the files over the network as opposed to directly from the drive.

It’s digital - there’s no drop in audio quality.