Issues with Hugo2 and 2go - Tidal and Airplay


Need help. I’ve recently got a loaner for the Chord Hugo2 DAC and the wireless kit Chord 2go. Im very disappointed so far as I can’t get any higher resolution playback other than 16 bit. Every single song and all MQA etc is being sampled by roon at 16bit.

Obviously concerned as this is turning out worse than the mojo and need help or advice if it’s set up wrong. I appreciate is it’s not an MQA DAC but I should get aleast 88.8 as I was with the mojo.

See photo below

Any help appreciated


You’re using Airplay. That’s the issue. If you’ve setup the 2go correctly it should be discovered as a Roon Ready device.

Why use airplay? That is the limitation. You should set it up as a RAAT device.

Ummmm. It did have this set up Martin but maybe not.

Do I need to got to room settings? Thanks

RAAT device ? How ?

You need to enable it in Roon audio settings, Roon ready device.

Then, as @Martin_Webster said, it will be discovered.

You need to use the Chord Gofigure app to setup the 2go for wireless operation There’s an option to use Roon in the app. However, if you use Ethernet it should be discovered and listed under Settings > Audio. You’ll need to enable the device to use it.

Thanks guys.

So I have found it. And given it the name.

Mqa - set to renderer only
Volume control - device volume

Working !! :smiley::worried:

Here are the screen grabs to make sure it’s set up right

I can’t seem to save anything but haven’t changed nothing as yet.

Does this look ok ? Thanks a million

So it’s working Martin. Playing etc. And blue light on the 2go

Any other setting for the chord ap I need to change ? Thanks again

Truly Amazing :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Thanks all and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Guys appreciate its personal preference but haven’t decided on the colour yet…

Silver or Black… Any thoughts ?

Why? It is not an MQA DAC, set it to No MQA Support. That way you can then employ Roon doing upsampling if you want.

Ok. Thanks

I have a Mojo/ Poly so the choice was easy! :slight_smile:

I have this set to No MQA Support and Fixed Volume. Certainly, there is no hardware volume that Roon can control with Mojo and 2Qute. If you can’t change volume of the Hugo using the Roon interface change this to fixed.

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