Issues with Lynx E44 Exclusive Mode


I’ve got a Lynx Studio E44 which is configured to look like 4 WASAPI devices, for the two analog devices, and the two digital devices. I’m running Windows 10 and this shows up as expected in playback devices as four separate output devices.

It seems that things are working ok, if I don’t have exclusive access enabled. However, if I enable exclusive access for one of the output pairs things don’t work so well.

  1. If I’m playing over a zone that is with a shared device, and they try to play back on the zone with the exclusive access device, I get an playback_error_endpoint_device_init_failed error.
  2. If I’m playing back on the device with exclusive access, and I try to playback on the zone in shared mode, the zone indicates its playing back, but the playback time doesn’t advance.

Any ideas?



@support: Wondering if Roon crew had any thoughts on this??


Flagging @support is more likely to get noticed.

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Hi @Carl_Kesselman ---- Thank you for the report and the feedback. My sincere apologies for the wait. @evand, thanks for dropping us a flag!

Moving forward, to help aide in my understanding of this behavior may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  • The model/specs of the Win10 device hosting your Roon core.

  • I see from the Lynx Studio website, that there was driver update for the E44 in July. Is the device up to date?

  • Can you please provide me some further insight into the audio zones you are referencing above? Having all the devices involved with these end points would be a huge help.



Roon Core is on a machine I build that uses an Asus Prime Z270-P motherboard, an i7 7700 processor, 16G of DD4 RAM, a WD Black M2 SSD, and a second WD drive with all of the files on it.

I do have the very latest drivers and firmware installed.

The E44 presents four two channel WASAPI interfaces to windows (play 01-02, play 03-04, play 05-06, and play 07-08). I have each interface enabled as a zone in Roon, and individually they all work fine.

I also have several other devices attached to my computer, for example the USB interface to my DAC (a Yggy, which has USB and AES interfaces, the AES is connected to the E44).

Everything works fine if I am using two different devices (say my DAC via the USB interface, and a device connected to the E44 play 01-02 device.

However, if I say something in the zone using play 01-02 and then try to play something in the zone using play 03-04 at the same time, I get the error. Same thing happens if I group zones.

Its acting like there may be some interaction between Roon and the Lynx driver in that Roon opens each device in exclusive mode separately (which would seem to be reasonable, as they look like separate devices) and that the Lynx driver doesn’t treat each WASAPI device independently. I’ve got a ticket in with Lynxstudio as well to see if perhaps the driver is the issue here.

Does this help?



Hi @Carl_Kesselman ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback. My apologies for the delayed response.

Moving forward, I would like to first confirm that I am conceptualizing this behavior you are reporting correctly in the interest of avoiding any potential confusion on my part :innocent: Based on your feedback my understanding is as follows:

  • No issues when using the following zones separately: 01-02 / 03-04 / 05-06 / 07-08.

  • No issues when you are playing back to a USB connected DAC at the same as another devices connected via the E44.

  • The issue is occurring when using two of the mentioned E44 zones (i.e. 01-02 / 03-04 / 05-06 / 07-08) at the same time or in a group. Which in turn causes you to either receive an error message (playback_error_endpoint_device_init_failed error) OR it appears that playback has started but the counter stays at “zero”.

Lastly, I would like to gather some logs from you so our techs can take a closer at what is going on here with the Lynx E44. With this in mind, may I kindly ask you to please perform the folllowing:

  • Very Important - Please reproduce the reported issue and note the time when the observation is made.

  • Once the issue has been replicated and the time noted, using this link as guide, send us a set of Roon and RAATServer logs.