Issues with many internet radio

Hallo, I have two Nucs I use as Roon core in two different locations: one (8i8) was installed using Windows 10 home and is perfectly working when I want to listen to internet radios. On the other one (8i3) I installed only Rock and I experience very many cases of failure in the tentatives of connections to internet radios. I attache and example of the message I receive

I think the problem might be generated by some missing codecs. In the following picture I show the ones In placed in my Rock codecs file:
Thank you for any help I might receive.

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![Schermata 2021-01-12 alle 12.53.14|690x431](upload://iEhzZ5f8gfvlk4E4Fwls2uxYEv7.jpeg)

The missing codecs are indeed your problem. This KB article will help, but in short, you only need the ffmpeg file in the /Roon/Codecs directory, nothing else. No .txt files. No other directories.

Let me know if you want any extra instructions.

Thank you Brian for your reply. I checked on the KB article the procedure I followed originally and still I came to the list of 12 ffmpeg files i placed in my Roon codecs directory. All of them have a txt extension. Where is my mistake? Have can I find the correct ffmpeg files?
Best, Giuseppe

Problem solved!
Thanks again, Giuseppe


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