Issues with Missing Roon Server App Icon on Windows Computer (ref#S5O1MS)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble logging in

Where are you having trouble logging in?

· I can't log into the Roon app

Describe the issue

I can't connect to Roon server app, it is missing from my windows computer. Icon is blank, and says "missing shortcut". Also if I find it in the files there is just empty shortcut. What can I do?

Describe your network setup

Classic Router from Movistar provider and Lenovo laptop

Are you running a third-party Anti-virus application on your laptop? It sounds as though it has decided that the Roon Server is a virus and quarantined it?

Hi, thanks for answer. I use Avira antivirus, but can’t find anything in quarantine. Bur funny, now I’ve noticed that roon app is working on my phone as remote, but can’t find anywhere roon server on computer. If remote is working so server has to work also I guess, but where?? Nothing under search, apps, programs… :roll_eyes:

Well, if the Roon Server application has been deleted from your PC, then it’s to be expected that a Roon Remote won’t find it… :slightly_smiling_face:

You could try reinstalling Roon for Windows on your PC to see if that will put everything back again…

thanks, but this is what I was saying, remote is finding it and playing and my amp normaly. But I can’t see it anywhere on my computer.

So the Roon Server is running - and you see the Roon Server icon in the Taskbar section for applications running in the background?

The Roon Server application should be found in C:\USERS\USERNAME\AppData\Local\RoonServer\Application

Thanks again. You were right, there are 1000’s Roon files in quarantine, I don’t know why it didn’t show before, it looks need some time to upload. So should I just restore all those files, is it possible there is some virus or malware there? I have icon on taskbar, but just not working/opening. I found those files, but if I click on they are blocked

Avira seems to be giving a false positive about Roon - there is certainly no virus in Roon software. You should be able to set an exception in Avira for Roon so that it doesn’t falsely think that Roon is a virus. And report this to the Avira company so that they can update their database.


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