Issues with NUC HDMI to Yamaha when connected TV is off

Setup a new NUC7i5BNH to replace a temp instance running on my desktop (via airplay) to a Yamaha RX-A-1070 AVR. The NUC is running windows 10 v1809 with all patches, all current NUC drivers and the current version of Roon connected by HDMI to the Yamaha AVR.

Problem is the TV (Samsung Plasma) needs to be on in order to use HDMI playback. If the TV is turned off, roon stops playing and if I remote into the NUC or use the iPhone remote, the HDMI zone is not available unless the TV on. If everything is powered up without the TV on, the HDMI zone isn’t listed either.

I went through all the settings I could find regarding HDMI on the NUC, TV and AVR… The AVR is set to passthrough, the TC has the HDMI-CEC off. Kind of chasing my tail here… The thought was that the NUC could play through the Yamaha AVR without having the TV turned on, but that doesn’t seem to be the case… Looks like I will need to use airplay if I don’t want the TV on which was partially the idea behind setting this up.

Any ideas?

Also while playing with the TV on a little while ago, the music just stopped, no HDMI zone… somehow it decided to disable itself. Enabled it and it’s working fine now, but wondering why that would happen. All power settings are disabled…

Not sure how I missed this earlier or if or just showed up but there is a zone Intel Display Audio (wasapi) which I enabled and now plays fine with the TV off.

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