Issues with Pi 4 and RoPieee XL - Not able to access setup

Hi there, I just picked up a Pi 4 kit to use as a streamer with Ropiee XL. I’ve flashed the SD card, and the Pi boots up (colour screen, then the Ropieee text lines as it loads). However I can’t access it through ropieexl.local or using the IP address suggested from the how to guide presentation. It appears in Roon when plugged into my network but it seems to be set to Airplay mode. Any suggestions on how to complete the setup properly?

Thanks, Gerry

Hi @Gerry_Hannochko. Just checking to see if you’ve followed all the setup steps in this excellent guide?

If not, I’d suggest re-flashing and starting again with the setup steps.

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I did follow the guide - which was very helpful. I will try to flash and boot with Ropiee (not xl) and see if that works. G

It should not matter (standard or XL).

Is it that the web gui doesn’t load? Is the LED flashing at 1/2 hertz?

RopieeeXL works for me with zero issues.

@Gerry_Hannochko, a mistake I made was assuming I needed to boot into a config screen in order to setup, when actually the setup happens when on the very first boot and while the light is flashing (and the Pi is periodically rebooting). Nathan’s guide helped me realize this. Also, I didn’t have the Pi connected via Ethernet to my router during setup, which was a mistake (again, I assumed at first I could manually configure network/wifi access to setup after it booted. Once it’s setup you CAN and should do further config via the browser, but this isn’t how the initial setup happens). Anyway, I hope some of this helps…

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Thanks for the help everyone. The issue actually was that Safari (Mac) can’t resolve the riopieeexl or ropiee .local address to finish the configuration. I thought hmm maybe I should try in Chrome and voila - works fine. Aside from that little OSX issue it truly is plug and play!

Cheers, Gerry

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