Issues with "recently added" content after updated

After the database update, the Recently Added albums is totally screwed up, with 6 year old (storage date) being recently added. Whereas those files added in the last few months are not even in the first few pages. Using a NAS (DiskStation) Sonic Transporter and microRendu. I have added a few files since the update and they do appear in Recently Added. This is the second time a database update has screwed up the Recently Added. I just want to know if I am the only one this has happened to or have others experienced the mis-dating of files by the database update (the file times, on the NAS have not been changed).

Hello @Charles_Brennan — Thank you for sharing your observation with us and I’m sorry about the frustrating experience you’ve had.

When viewing Albums, have you tried clicking the arrow next to “Sorted by Date Added” to change the sort order of the albums? If you click it twice (once to show oldest first, and then again to show most recent first) does it still not display as expected?

If you’re still experiencing this behavior after trying the above, I’d like to look at the import date data within the tracks. Go into one of these albums that are displaying incorrectly, select a track, and go to Edit > Edit Track > Import Date. What does the import date show as here? Can you share a screenshot of this with me?

Similar to above, navigate to Settings > Library > Import Settings > Track Import Dates. Can you share a screenshot of your settings here?


Hi Dylan,

I know you had to ask, but I did click the arrow to resort from newest to oldest. However, your request to view the library import settings showed why the database was being confused. Under Track Import Dates, it was set to Roon Import Timestamp; I changed it to File Modification Time and forced a rescan. All files are now correctly listed by the time that they were added to the NAS

Thank you,
Charles Brennan

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