Issues with Remote Desktop?

Run Roon with HQplayer.Run headless with Remote Desktop.This happens frequently.Used this afternoon everything worked flawless.Turn on no sound this eve.Plug a monitor,keyboard ,and mouse into PC running Roon and HQPlayer everything starts working again.

Anybody ??? .Again went to use Roon with HQPlayer tonight doesn’t work.Use headless with Remote Desktop.Plug a monitor ,keyboard,and mouse into pc with Roon and HQPlayer and control that way and it works.Spend more time screwing around then listening to music.

Can you tell the full details of your setup, as described here?

Also, I seem to recall that Remote Desktop takes control of drivers and does all kinds of nasty stuff that interferes with Roon. It might be worth trying something like TeamViewer and seeing if you get better results that way.

Okay thanks.Turned Remote Desktop off and using Team Viewer.Its Working but I will wait for a few days and see what happens.Thanks