Issues with Roon after updating to their latest version

Hi guys, ever since I updated my roon software to the latest version, I have been facing issues while playing back. All my data is stored on a synalogy NAS and I use my roon via a mac book air. Ever since the update when even I try to access my music via roon it says files not found . I tried rebooting my NAS and roon a few times. Also every time the whole process of importing music happens despite me not having added any new music. And the last time around it finished with the importing and for the last 48 hours it’s been showing analysis of tracks in progress. I’m really at a loss at what the issue is. Please advice.
Mumbai India

Hi @Anand_Iyer ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

Moving forward, under the “storage” tab (found in “settings”), are you seeing any error messages next to the mentioned storage location (i.e the Synology NAS)? Furthermore, are you able to access the NAS outside of the application, via the operating system?