Issues with Roon remote after adding a Switch

(wilfredo sanchez) #1

For best topology yesterday I linked my Roonbridge machine with my Roonserver machine, everything was very stable.

But today the problem appeared suddenly on my roon remote laptop, started to crush and close, and several red simbols, any idea?

Could it be that Roon Remote for some unknown reason is corrup now?

Should I try to unninstall? I have 32 bit version on remote because 64 bits was very unreliable and unstable … any ideas please.

(wilfredo sanchez) #2

I am reinstalling roon on my laptop running windows 10 right now …will see…

(wilfredo sanchez) #3

is not possible to open it crashes…

(wilfredo sanchez) #4

I reinstalled Roon 32 bit but it randomly stops and closes.

(Ged) #5

use the Reporting to roon guide to list what your set up is.