Issues with screen scaling and connecting to core

Hi Roon community!
I’ve been having some annoying problems and I am hoping someone can help…

I was using a nucleus as my core for a while and have since decided to build a custom fanless PC to use as both a core and server. The build is up and running with windows 10 pro 64bit—— when I open Roon it takes me to a screen that says my display is too small and I need to either maximize or go fullscreen (both maximize and fullscreen are hyper-linked). My “monitor” is a 65” 4K Sony TV (2018 model) when I click on fullscreen, roon does open but the interface is clunky because it’s too “zoomed in” and I can’t even minimize the app without essentially closing it. It’s just super annoying. I have never had this issue on any TV or any core I’ve ever had. I am also generally a mac user so perhaps there is some display setting I am overlooking. Please help!

Problem number 2 ( sorry for all the extra babble). I can’t connect to the core with my iPhone. Again, I’ve never had any issue with this before and I’ve used a plethora of different cores and remotes. When I load the app on my phone (iPhone X) it starts trying to locate the core. After a little bit, it finds my core and then it’s just cycles between status connecting and connection failed and that goes on in perpetuity. I’ve enabled remote access in the app. I don’t get why it won’t connect and stay connected.
The worst part about all of these inconveniences is that I’ve hardly been listening to any tunes in the past few weeks as it is such a chore to switch songs and get everything up and running.
Your help is greatly appreciated.
BTW, I’ve not had any issues running any other app or game on the new PC.

Windows 10 pro 64 bit intel I5 9900k, wired Ethernet to switch (aqvox modded d-link powered by LPSU, switch to router (Verizon fios powered by LPSU)
HDD is WD Blue NVIE M.2
Motherboard is Gigabyte Desingaire z390
TV is Sony X900F 65”
iPhone X

Hi @Gregory_Itingen,

Can you confirm what the scaling settings are for the Windows device? If you have it set to 100% do you experience this issue?

Are other Roon remote devices besides the iPhone having trouble connecting to the Core? Is there any change if you bypass the switch and connect the Core directly to the router via Ethernet?

Thank you for following up
My display is set at 3840x2160 and the scaling is 300%, which fits my screen perfectly.

I’ve tried using my iPad as a remote, same issue

Hi @Gregory_Itingen,

I would recommend setting the scaling options specifically for Roon to 100% using these instructions and seeing if that works for you.

Is there any change if you bypass the switch and connect the Core directly to the router via Ethernet?

If you temporarily disable any antivirus or firewall on the machine is there any change?

I have the same problem on a new installed Lenovo X1 Yoga. With the hints from the discussion I toggeled in Windows 10 the \Einstellungen\Anzeige\Skalierung und Anordnung\ between originally 300 (empfohlen) und 250%. With 300% I had the problem; with 250% on my notebook screen everything was fine.

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