Issues with scroll not keeping its place [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

I periodically search on this topic to see if this problem has been addressed. Seems it’s still not been completed. Adding this reply to keep attention on this.

If you search the forum you will find that this bug/feature was reported more than four years ago.

I think it’s been made worse (more screens affected) with 1.8.

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for sure as I never noticed it in five years

I haven’t noticed it either until 1.8. If it was present before, 1.8 made it worse.

IMO no new features should be released until this frustrating user experience is cleared up, on ALL screens/views. It really does drag down the usefulness of music discovery in Roon if always taken back to the top when browsing. My two cents.


Between this and jerky scrolling on some screens 1.8 has definitely degraded the Roon experience for me. I as well wish Roon would prioritize fixing bugs like this that degrade basic user experience.


A new version is out. Can you guys check if the issue is fixed? Roon 1.8 (Build 795) is Live!

I just installed the new version. Restarted the core and remotes. The iPhone remote keeps the scroll position but the mac mini (the core) and the macbook air (the remote) do not keep the scroll position. The issue is NOT FIXED. @support @danny Whats going on here?

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Is the iOS update available? It’s not landed in the UK

It is. I installed it 15 minutes ago.

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Seems the iPhone remote keeps the scroll position only under some circumstances but not all the time. I don’t even know how I feel. Frustrated, again, confused and I feel like I want to storm in the Roon offices and fix the issue myself. And I have a feeling I could (15 years experience with .net and c#, which is what the Roon team uses). Im so disappointed this isn’t fixed yet. I think I aged one year in 3 months dealing with this issue.

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They mention it has been fixed when navigating back to Discography. I’ve not tested yet but when I read it I immediately thought that doesn’t mean generally. Perhaps it’s just semantics…

Yes I noticed that too. But it did not work on the discography tab when i tried after install and reboot. Only the iPhone worked. Anyway, after a bunch of tries it seems to work on the macs as well. But its still disappointing that they only fixed the discography view, which is of less importance if you ask me. Again, an issue of prioritizing.

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The snap back issue is NOT repaired.
Still unusable.
Please repair this error.
When in a bookmark and I open a file, Roon then snaps back to the beginning of the first page.
It is really hard to believe you need longer than half a year to fix this error.


Updated all and checked mine. This is what I can report for remotes on iOS and MacOS:

NRFY - no fix
Bookmarks - no fix
Added/Played - no fix
Tags - ok
Artists - ok
Albums - ok
Playlists - ok


I can confirm that the problem still exists.

At least for bookmarks that use focus / filters there is a workaround. It was found at the beginning of this thread and I just write it here in case you missed it: When selecting a bookmark, before scrolling deactivate/reactivate or negate/de-negate a filter in the focus section. Now the bug is magically gone.

Still it’s a shame that this problem still exists. Makes me look for alternatives again.


While that is true it comes back after a while.


It is really disappointing this doesn’t get repaired after that long time, and they know about that error.
The error is obvious. Please Roon team get your act together and fix it.

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