Issues with scroll not keeping its place [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Yes I noticed that too. But it did not work on the discography tab when i tried after install and reboot. Only the iPhone worked. Anyway, after a bunch of tries it seems to work on the macs as well. But its still disappointing that they only fixed the discography view, which is of less importance if you ask me. Again, an issue of prioritizing.

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The snap back issue is NOT repaired.
Still unusable.
Please repair this error.
When in a bookmark and I open a file, Roon then snaps back to the beginning of the first page.
It is really hard to believe you need longer than half a year to fix this error.


Updated all and checked mine. This is what I can report for remotes on iOS and MacOS:

NRFY - no fix
Bookmarks - no fix
Added/Played - no fix
Tags - ok
Artists - ok
Albums - ok
Playlists - ok


I can confirm that the problem still exists.

At least for bookmarks that use focus / filters there is a workaround. It was found at the beginning of this thread and I just write it here in case you missed it: When selecting a bookmark, before scrolling deactivate/reactivate or negate/de-negate a filter in the focus section. Now the bug is magically gone.

Still it’s a shame that this problem still exists. Makes me look for alternatives again.


While that is true it comes back after a while.


It is really disappointing this doesn’t get repaired after that long time, and they know about that error.
The error is obvious. Please Roon team get your act together and fix it.

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New Releases For You and bookmarks still not fixed. This is so disappointing. I don’t see how “new features” can be more important than this. This is a core operation.


Just adding my voice to the chorus. All the positives that Roon offers do not balance such a fundamental error in UX implementation.


I don’t see the point of adding any new features until known bugs are fixed. The scrolling issue and library albums not shown under artist have to be the two largest ones. I tense up every time I try and use roon. Endlessly frustrating.

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Discography only, where it’s the least needed (except for major artists) compared to say NRFY, Added/Played, and filtered by genre. At least it works inside the Qobuz screen now.

This is turning into a long running joke. Does anyone at Roon actually use their own software?


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I have given up chasing support on here.


I suppose what I’d like to know is what this means exactly:

“Scroll position is saved when navigating back to Discography”

For example, I interpreted this as these steps:

  1. I am in “New releases for you”
  2. I scroll down and open an album
  3. I go back with the left arrow
  4. I return to the same row where I opened an album in Step 2

If this is the case, that’s still not happening on Win10 or Android 11.

The Discography and New Releases for You screens are not the same thing. The Discography screen is reached by clicking on the “Discography” link in an Artist or Composer screen.

Thanks, that’s what I needed, a definition of “Discography”. I forgot about the selection “Discography”. I was thinking in general terms.

I have confirmed this functionality as described works. I’m hoping that it’s going to be available in all views in the near future. I assume that Team Roon needed to start this work with one area to ensure functionality before it moves through the various views.

Hi all,

Vincent hit the nail on the head here:

“Scroll not keeping its place” happens in a number of cases and they are all unique.

This means that each case needs to be addressed on a case-by-cases basis, and the fixes for them will vary in complexity. That’s why you see these fixes coming out across releases.

Build 778: Focus - Scroll position doesn’t persist between pages
Build 795: Scroll position is saved when navigating back to Discography

Since this thread conflates a number of different cases, I want to clean things up so it’s crystal clear where folks are hurting the most. Some of you care deeply about bookmarks, others don’t use bookmarks and just want NRFY fixed, etc.

By giving each case its own thread, we can prioritize in a way that’s most impactful for our customers and keep everyone better informed.

I just got things started by splitting some of the posts here into their own topics, linked further down.

If any of the topics below match a use case that’s important to you, press the like button in that topic. No need to reply with “+1” or anything, just click the heart icon.

If none of the topics below match a use case that’s important to you, create a new topic with the title “Scroll position doesn’t persist: <name of affected page>” and include reproduction steps in the body of your post. Don’t create a new topic if the use case isn’t important to you – remember that we’re trying to get a clear picture of the cases folks care about most, not document every place that this happens.

Thanks so much for the continued patience, I understand the frustration so I really do appreciate it. :pray: I’m going to close this one out in favor of the newly minted threads, thanks all.


Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)!