Issues with scroll not keeping its place [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

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Will this ever be fixed? It’s utterly annoying and the most irritating part of Roon. It takes the fun out of exploring my library.


This “behavior” has been in existence and reported more than 4 years ago. Your guess is as good as anyone’s on a timeline.


@dylan @danny Anything you can share about plans to fix this issue?

According to @Dave_Richardson this behaviour has been present for more than 4 years :grimacing:


@support Any news about this? It’s been months!


But you’re so wrong. It’s been years apparently :rofl:

Annoyingly, the Qobuz native app has the same behaviour. Tidal on the other hand does not.


If we reach September (and it looks like we will) with this issue, when my subscription is up for renewal, I’m not renewing. I’ve had enough already.


That must be why I subscribe to Tidal (can’t be the MQA)

Otherwise fully agree, if I scroll for 5 minute’s to find an album and then click on it to add to the queue, it’s like oh sh1t now I have to start again…(trying to stay calm in a world where serious stuff is happening and this is just trying to find music to listen too)
It has changed how I select music and sadly not for the better.


Exactly Michael! Such a vital scrolling behaviour to have and yet, it’s not here.

Disappointingly, there is zero feedback from @support and we’re all paying customers.


Can we get a “Scroll” vaccine? I would not hesitate.


@dylan @support Could you please let us know where you are here or if this is even something you are genuinely content to sort? If you have no interest whatsoever, at least be transparent and we can all go about our lives.

The lack of any feedback here is infuriating for us paying customers!

Edit @danny Would you please be so kind and ping someone from your team capable of giving us some feedback here? It’s ridiculous! Cheers.


@support @danny Given our level of frustration we should at least get a status update. It’s May! You introduced this bug in February. It’s kind of ridiculous! At least provide some transparency otherwise we feel neglected on top of being frustrated.


What about a smidge of love for us, paying customers? :slight_smile:

All we want is at the very least some feedback and not be completely and utterly ignored.

You can’t just pick and chose where you assist. Basic customer care.

You got it awhile ago… here…

And in the title “[Ticket In]”

As Dylan noted, as soon as they have more specifics they will announce it. Since they have not said anything, I would assume, they are still working on it. When the solution is ready to go, they will let the thread know.

I’m sorry but “you got it a while ago” does not cut it nor is it an excuse to completely ignore us.

An update saying “guys, sorry for the continued delay but we’re still working on this” would have been a better approach.

You would not accept your response either if the tables were turned.

Hey Raz I am all for flagging seriously inappropriate content and foul and abusive language as I don’t see a place for it on these forums. But we are all adults on this forum and your response to me just showed frustration with the lack of feedback.

I also do not condone abuse or inappropriate comments anywhere. My comment which has now been removed by a member of staff was merely the result of a complete lack of feedback from the support team.

If I would show this complete disregard to update my clients in my line of work, I would lose significant accounts and income.

I know my post was “challenging” and you describing it as such was excellent :slight_smile: Even though the truth can be challenging to hear… Regardless of how challenging the truth is, I now understand the complaints of others on here when saying freedom of speech is not really all that free :slight_smile:

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We don’t have anything new to share since the last update, we’ve reproduced the issue in-house and it’s in the development pipeline now.

However, it’s important to note that everything in the development pipeline goes through a prioritization process. We have to weigh it against fixing other bugs, developer bandwidth, building new features (:thinking:), company goals & roadmap, etc.

That’s why “pestering” our support team isn’t helpful. We make new releases consistently, but we can’t release as fast as you can pester us. That’s why your post was removed – making inflammatory comments to the small team of humans that are only here to help you is against our guidelines.

I agree that we need to be better at providing more frequent updates even when there aren’t any to share. We typically prioritize responding to new support requests over providing updates on active ones, especially with a lean team and an overwhelming response to 1.8. That’s no excuse of course, but it’s why you haven’t heard from us here recently.

Just keep in mind that the support team doesn’t write the code or decide what gets fixed or what new features are released. But every day we’re working closely with the teams that do, and advocating for you is our job. So be nice. :slight_smile: