Issues with scroll not keeping its place [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Tried a few tests this am and it seems to be working in my particular case. For example:

Albums page
“HOR” to move to Horace Silver albums
Click on an album that I want to edit
Edit the album (add artist or tag) and save
Click back to return to Albums
Returns to HOR page of albums

In past 1.8 releases, if I have made an edit, I returned to the top of albums. With 790, it keeps my place (at least in this use case).

Edit: Just tried this from Tags:
Select Mapleshade tag (45 albums)
Scrolled down to last page of albums
Selected album, edited, saved
Back to tag
I returned to the last page of albums in the tag

And this from Playlists:
Selected Demo playlist, scrolled down several pages
Selected track, edited, saved
Back to Demo playlist
Returned to same position

Same result if I start from a Bookmark of Demo Playlist or if I use a Bookmark of many albums iso tracks.

So, I’m not able to find (yet) a case where it returns to the top instead of the previous location.

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This has been annoying me with bookmarks but I think I have a workaround (ipad mini).

Browsing all albums: all fine (ie scroll, select one, back takes me back to the scroll position where I was before selecting the album).
Choose a bookmark to filter albums, for example ‘+Qobuz’: broken (ie back takes me back to the top of the list)
Tap filter twice, ie once to select ‘-Qobuz’, second to go back to ‘+Qobuz’): all good (ie back takes me to where I was in the list)
Using other bookmarks also now works. However if I clear all bookmarks then the first time I use one I have to repeat this.

Just discovered this so there maybe nuances I’m missing (for example I don’t know what hapens between sessions), but hope it makes sense and helps.

Goto Home, new releases for you

Still jumps to top of page upon return to new rekeases

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Same situation in my setup (1.8 b790). Mac Mini as server, Ipad/Macbook as remote, Ropieee endpoint. Scrolling bookmarked albums (filtered by storage location) is a pain!!! Every bookmark has at least a few hundred albums so I agree it’s a MAJOR annoyance and need to be fixed ASAP. To be honest I’m already read about Roon refund policy, yesterday I paid a one year subscription and I am very disappointed that I have to use Audirvana until this is sorted out - multumesc Dusty pt. topic!


@dylan Losing my patience with the long delay fixing this issue. Honestly, I would say all your developers should stop work on all other fixes and new features until this issue is resolved. It’s the only one that makes me consider leaving Roon…and that happens every day.
For me it happens on Mac and iPad(SonicOrbiter running Core, Rendu endpoint) every time I scroll thru Recent Activity(played or added), Genres>>Artists or Albums or after viewing queue then clicking back arrow.
Having met @danny, I can’t imagine he would ever let anything get in the way of a quicker fix for such an impactful bug.


It is indeed hard to grasp why this is taking forever to fix. New Releases, Bookmarks, everything always jumps back to the first page. Really annoying.


This is unfortunately a real show stopper for many users.


Another case I encountered today. Search for any band name and a track name (example: the midnight - days of thunder). Now, when the search results appear, scroll down to the tracks section, press the more button, scroll down and click on the album name of one of the tracks. Don’t click on the track itself, but on the album name that appears underneath the track name. This will go to the album, obviously. Now, go back and voilà, you are back on top of the list of tracks, instead of the scroll position.

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This behavior should have been caught on the first release of 1.8. I can’t believe any alpha/beta tester did not see this. It is basic to the use of roon.

Please give us a time line on the fix.


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Will this ever be fixed? It’s utterly annoying and the most irritating part of Roon. It takes the fun out of exploring my library.


This “behavior” has been in existence and reported more than 4 years ago. Your guess is as good as anyone’s on a timeline.


@dylan @danny Anything you can share about plans to fix this issue?

According to @Dave_Richardson this behaviour has been present for more than 4 years :grimacing:


@support Any news about this? It’s been months!


But you’re so wrong. It’s been years apparently :rofl:

Annoyingly, the Qobuz native app has the same behaviour. Tidal on the other hand does not.


If we reach September (and it looks like we will) with this issue, when my subscription is up for renewal, I’m not renewing. I’ve had enough already.


That must be why I subscribe to Tidal (can’t be the MQA)

Otherwise fully agree, if I scroll for 5 minute’s to find an album and then click on it to add to the queue, it’s like oh sh1t now I have to start again…(trying to stay calm in a world where serious stuff is happening and this is just trying to find music to listen too)
It has changed how I select music and sadly not for the better.


Exactly Michael! Such a vital scrolling behaviour to have and yet, it’s not here.

Disappointingly, there is zero feedback from @support and we’re all paying customers.