Issues with search? (Failing to find obvious results)

Roon Core Machine

iMac Pro 10-core (2017), 32 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi

Connected Audio Devices

RPi/Ropieee → Schiit Modi Multibit

Number of Tracks in Library

251 albums

Description of Issue

I’ve noticed issues with search failing to find certain results, even ones that should be extremely “obvious” to a search engine. Here’s an example - I was interested in the recent album of symphonies by Franz Schmidt conducted by Paavo Järvi. If I search for in Qobuz for either “schmidt symphonies” or “schmidt symphonies jarvi”, it is the first hit.

But if I do the same searches in Roon, I can’t find it at all! Neither search - “schmidt symphonies” or “schmidt symphonies jarvi” - returns the album. That is very surprising, since the name of the album, as it appears in Roon, is “Franz Schmidt: Complete Symphonies” (!) (And in Qobuz, it’s “Schmidt : Complete Symphonies”). I’d almost concluded Qobuz didn’t have this album, until I thought to re-try the search in Qobuz instead, and it popped right up. (Comparative screenshots below for Qobuz and Roon; in both cases the search was “schmidt symphonies”; it’s the first hit for “Most Popular” and “Releases” in Qobuz, but doesn’t show up in “All Albums” in Roon at all.)

This isn’t the only time this has happened, and it’s a bit annoying, since if I search for an album and it doesn’t come up, I can’t be sure whether it’s because it’s not part of the Qobuz catalog, or if it’s just Roon’s search acting up. But this particular example was such an obvious match that it has me wondering if I have something misconfigured, or if I’m not understanding how Roon’s search is supposed to work. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a different recommended way to search for releases?


Hello @Aaron_Siegel,

Classical search does demand a bit more specificity than a search for popular music. In order to get a closer match you need to feed search keywords specific to the title you desire.

Your search for Schmidt Symphonies returned your desired result - Schmidt Symphonies. Notice here that Roon wasn’t told to perform any action around Jarvi. And when just using Jarvi, Roon would wonder if you desire Paavo or his father, Neeme.

But when entering the specific keywords Paavo Järvi Schmidt Symphonies, my first hit is the following:

Can you try using more specific keywords to see if you have better results. Or, as you have done here, perform a more general search in Qobuz then favorite it to add it to your Roon library.

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