Issues with songs with a ? in the filename missing from database [Resolved]

@support These appear to be missing…but are not listed in skipped tracks

Changed description and tagged @support as requested.

I will look to post screenshots (when back home later in the week), however the tracks appear if I remove the “?” from the filename on the Synology NAS. So I think that’s my solution.

C Initially on reading your thread title I understood it as another one of these what are your favourite songs with a colour in the title et cetera

You might be better to amend your title and add missing from database and tag @support.

A few examples where this happens would be useful with a screenshot of these original files in their folders.


I do find that the file system on my NAS sometimes does not like “special” characters in the file names. As John points out, it would be useful to post screenshots of the files in the folders to see if this is the case.

Also try renaming one of these without the question mark and rescan your library. Does that track reappear?

If it does then a search and rename of all tracks in your library using your NAS’ interface should be relatively trivial.

Special characters will really screw things up. I can’t prove it without recreating the problem (which I may do some day, if i"m bored enough), but a forward slash in an album title screwed my library up so bad I had to delete and reload it. A word to the wise.

Hi @Gary_Billinghan ----- Touching base with you to see if any progress has been made here, based on the advice given by other users. Screenshots of the affected content in their storage location(s), would be very helpful here :wink:


I would look over this article as well.

Thanks - just edited the post to be more meaningful as requested. I believe the issue is “?” appearing in filenames on my Synology NAS. If I edit filenames and remove the “?” in the filename, the missing tracks appear on Roon.

@Eric -

In spite of my above post on the subject and the fact that I know better, I just got screwed over by a “:”.

One has to edit things before adding to library? Only media player I’m familiar with that has that problem. The player whose name rhymes with shiver plows right thru special characters without any problem.