Issues with Streaming Service Integration

So I run Roon on a Razer Blade laptop to a Allo DigiOne Signature. It has worked mostly flawlessly for me until tonight.

Its a problem with Roon accessing information from Tidal. I am able to search for and listen to all of the music that I have in my Tidal/Roon library however it won’t let me see albums I don’t have in my Library. Say I have an artist with 2 albums in my library. Normally the rest of the Artist albums will appear below the albums in my library, in that “black box”. Well that black box just doesn’t exist right now. And if I go to Tidal’s page I’m not actually able to see or play and tracks. I can navigate over to one of there premade playlist and inside it will say the playlist is empty. This is very odd. I also do not have to “Only show my library” button on. Thanks for any help

Try rebooting the Server PC. You could also try logging out and then logging back in under Settings/Services/Tidal.

Hi @Aidan_Kolstoe,

As Rugby suggested, can you try giving your Core machine a reboot and let us know if that helps? Thanks!

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I have been away. It resolved itself after I had already tried all those possible fixes. I don’t know what cause it.

Hi @Aidan_Kolstoe,

I’m glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

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