Issues with the clients

I am occurring that bug multiple times and quite often. The issue is that my Roon server (latest version) is running but sometimes some of my clients cant connect to it… Right now my android client is connected and i can control the music but my Windows client is in state -> Looking for remote libs… even if i type roon server ip manually its same story… no connection to the server. Sometimes it works from the Windows but doesnt work from from android/ios etc… completely random behavior.

Any idea?

Hi Heap.

On the Windows PC, try disabling all firewall/anti-virus and see if sees your RoonServer. Windows updates can reset Firewall configurations. If this is the case, then add the exception for Roon and RAAT.

Also, you might try verifying that the PC (and the Android client when it happens) is connected to the same subnet on your network as the Roon Server. (that means the 1st three sections of the IP address of the RoonServer and the client are the same, like 192.168.0.X - where X is a different number).

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its not an issue of the FW, windows pc was running 24hours and roon client worked fine, but for some hours it was unable to connect to the server, even i hardcoded roon server IP. I was able to ping roon server ip all the time, no win updates was performed during those hours. I bet its not the issue of the windows client because so many times similar situation happened where other clients were not able to connect … my ipad or android phone but windows client was connected without any issues.

all the devices are on the same Wifi network, same subnet … etc… i can ping roonserver ip but clients are not able to connect since time to time.

After 4 hours my windows client suddenly detected roon server and was able to connect… but in meanwhile i was connected via android phone… so its really odd.

my question would be - Roon has important bugs, issue with the connection of the multiple clients to the Server and also if i reboot roon server sometimes my clients can connect to it … some clients can find server but it shoes Initializing and nothing is happening so i have to restart linux again…other clients can see server at all. Do you any plan to solve those bugs? Is there any way to report them? With that these kind of serious issues its really hard to pay $500 for the app.

Hi @heap — Thank you for the feedback and my sincere apologies for the wait.

I completely respect how frustrating these types of situations can be, especially when a given issue appears to be happening at random. I can also assure you that we do not take any reported issues lightly. We have many users functioning without issue and the goal should be to determine what variables could be causing you to have a different experience.

If you could please provide me with the information requested below, we can begin to try and figure this out for you.

  1. Provide a very brief, but accurate description of your current setup. Please be sure to provide the specs of the devices being used.

  2. Please provide the details of your network configuration/topology, being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you are implementing.

  3. In regard to the Windows client you reference throughout your posts. If it does have the capability to do so, have you tried testing with a hardwired connection while using this device? If so what was the experience like? Was the connection more stable with WiFi removed or was it still connecting at random?