Issues with the Roon on Arcam SA30

The Arcam SA30 is not Roon Ready, but claims that Roon is supported. I, however, run into three issues:

  1. If the SA30 is on standby (standby, not fully on/off), then I expect it to switch on, select Roon as input and start playback automatically, whenever I tell Roon to start play something. However, if the SA30 has been switched off with any input selected besides NET (or Roon), then the SA30 does switch on, it does select Roon as input, and claims it is playing, but it does nothing… A full standby-on cycle is required.
  2. Connecting to the SA30 with another TCP connection causes Roon to crash on the SA30. No playback, some error messages. Again, a standby-on cycle is required.
  3. Switching to a different album triggers some strange, short noise (like Roon tries to squeeze 5 seconds of music in 0.2 seconds)
    Bonus: Completely non-roon related, but ARC does not work with a Philips TV and that remote control. What an awful, overly complex unit…

Anyone else with similar problems? Maybe someone (ARCAM??) with extra info about updates? It is pretty annoying since I also use other inputs. I now have to remember to switch to the NET-input before switching the SA30 off (or manually switch it off and on, and start Roon-playback again)