Issues with Tidal performance

Since some time I have some issues with Tidal functionality. Basically I have two types of issues:

  1. Track currently not available from Tidal quite often (at least 2 or 3 times per day). Almost always when I try again the same track it does work and plays the track
  2. When after a search I select an artist and choose Discography. I get a message that Discography is unavailable. When I do a fwe steps back and select the artist again and select discography, it eventually works but not always from the first retry.

This issue caught my attention like a week ago but it was there before.

  • Roon Core & Streamer
    . Pink Faun 2.16x AMD Ryzen 8 Core, 16GB. Euphony Linux. 4TB on board
  • Roon 1.8 (790) on Core and remote(iOS and OSX)
  • Melco S100 network switch. Fiber connection to main switch
  • Wireworld Platinum 8 Ethernet Cat8 from Melco to Pink Faun
  • USB and Coax outputs in use. Connected to Chord Mscaler and Chord Hugo TT2
  • My library is on the Roon Core / Streamer. Using Tidal for streaming

Hello @Richard_Kalmeijer,

I am incredibly sorry that we have missed your post for this long :pleading_face:. While for quite some time we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of threads, things are looking up and our response times should be much shorter.

I’m sorry to hear about the TIDAL trouble. I was wondering if you’re still experiencing both issues? If so, we’d love the chance to help :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka,
No worries. The app is still usable.
Both issues are still happening regularly

Kind regards

Hi. It would be nice to have an update on this. Although the app works after retrying several times, this issue is quite annoying.

Thanks in advance for your attention

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