Issues with tidal: unable to play and search tidal, only tracks addred to the library are available

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
virtual hardware (4 cores, 4 GB RAM, 160GB disk on SSD)
roon version 1.7 build 667

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
core is connected via ethernet, audio devices are connected via WLAN or Ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Different Sonos S1 devices, ipad and roopie attached headphone amplifier (zone is named “kopfhoerer” in the log below)

Description Of Issue

I have issues with the tidal integration in roon. I am able to play tidal tracks that have been added to the library. However I am not able to play tidal tracks that are not in my library nor does any search contain any results from tidal. There are no tracks or albums in the tidal area of roon, only playlists are visible. If I try to play a tidal playlist the error is “the playlist is empty”.

I tested this behavior with three different zones (ipad, sonos (ethernet) and roopie (WLAN)) and two different remotes (ipad and iphone).
No issues with my local music library.
I am able to play tidal tracks in the tidal app on my ipad.
I am able to stream tidal tracks to my sonos using the sonos app.

According to RootServer_log.txt it’s an issue related to http error 403.

Thanks for any advice.

TEXT GOES HERE11/21 21:10:08 Info: [Kopfhoerer] [zoneplayer] Queueing:
11/21 21:10:08 Info: [Kopfhoerer] [zoneplayer] Open result (Queueing): Result[Status=Success]
11/21 21:10:08 Trace: [roonapi] [apiclient] CONTINUE Changed {“zones_seek_changed”:[{“zone_id”:“160130e1d1ee47b03e7cc38d46e0b042fd8e”,“queue_time_remaining”:2103,“seek_position”:1}]}
11/21 21:10:09 Trace: [Kopfhoerer] [Lossless, 16/44 TIDAL FLAC => 16/44] [100% buf] [PLAYING @ 0:02/3:32] Diaries - The Birthday Massacre
11/21 21:10:09 Trace: [roonapi] [apiclient] CONTINUE Changed {“zones_seek_changed”:[{“zone_id”:“160130e1d1ee47b03e7cc38d46e0b042fd8e”,“queue_time_remaining”:2102,“seek_position”:2}]}
11/21 21:10:10 Trace: [streamingmediafile] finished caching
11/21 21:10:10 Trace: [roonapi] [apiclient] CONTINUE Changed {“zones_seek_changed”:[{“zone_id”:“160130e1d1ee47b03e7cc38d46e0b042fd8e”,“queue_time_remaining”:2101,“seek_position”:3}]}
11/21 21:10:11 Trace: [roonapi] [apiclient] CONTINUE Changed {“zones_seek_changed”:[{“zone_id”:“160130e1d1ee47b03e7cc38d46e0b042fd8e”,“queue_time_remaining”:2100,“seek_position”:4}]}
11/21 21:10:12 Trace: [tidal/http] GET => Success
11/21 21:10:12 Trace: [tidal/http] GET => Success
11/21 21:10:12 Warn: [metadata/module] GetTrackLitesInternal, count: 55
11/21 21:10:12 Debug: [easyhttp] [245] POST to returned after 164 ms, status code: 403
11/21 21:10:12 Critical: scx: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at Sooloos.Once1[T].<Do>b__2_0 (Base.Result1[T] result) [0x00000] in <5477466545d54656a739f37f07f53905>:0
at Sooloos.Broker.Tidal.Module+<>c__DisplayClass116_3.b__6 () [0x00020] in <1295ddc8c6aa41c3af1d916e70716b94>:0
at Sooloos.Concurrency.ClientContext+<>c__DisplayClass5_0.b__0 (System.Object _) [0x00000] in :0
at Sooloos.SynchronizationContextThread._Dispatch (Sooloos.SynchronizationContextThread+SendOrPostWrapper& ret) [0x00012] in <5477466545d54656a739f37f07f53905>:0

Hi there

Don’t know why, but the issue has disappeared over night.


I’m glad to hear things are working for you now, @Bene. If any issues return please let us know!

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