Issues with USB devices with Exclusive Mode on macOS Mojave

Hi all,

Is anyone having issues with macOS Mojave with USB DACs and/or USB interfaces that are directly USB connected to the mac?

I have issues with Roon but the issue isn’t limited to Roon, so it’s something I need to report to Apple. I have the same issue with Tidal Desktop app and Audirvana, so I won’t clog up the Roon Team’s time with this one.

It’s only an issue with ‘Exclusive Mode’.

And running Windows on the same Macbook (via Boot Camp) I don’t see any issues - so it’s not any of the USB hardware. It’s definitely just macOS.

I’ve even done a clean install of Mojave but still have the same issue.

I never had any issues before upgrading to Mojave.

As mentioned, this isn’t something I will get Roon to spend time on because I have the same issue with other programs.

It happens if I hit next track or if I skip to a specific part of a track. I lose the USB soundcard (DAC or USB interface) and my entire mac freezes up and I need to reboot.

If I just let a queue play without hitting next track , I can escape any issues (mostly).

Again I’ll report this to Apple but I was curious if anyone else had any issues with Mojave.

And again, all the same hardware (including the same Macbook) has no issues when I boot the Macbook in Windows…

I haven’t been able to find anyone else on other forums with a similar issue, that’s specific to Mojave.


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