Issues with user interface

I have about 4000 artists in my huge collection. In the Roon apps, the artist images take much too much screen space, and there is no scroll bar or alphabetical index. Swiping the artist list is quite infeasible! Often a swipe turns into a selection.
Searching on my tablets does not work either. The keyboard often never appears on my old Android tablets, which I was hoping to use as my remote controls. (LG Gpad F running 5.0.2). So, it is really hard to find something to play. On my Nexus 7, the search result defaults to “by composition” and every movement of every album is shown. Totally useless for classical music, and again impossible to scroll through!. On the Nexus, I do indeed see a scroll bar and ABC selector (hard to press), but it is absent on the LG, which stays in portrait mode.
I have been using a Squeezebox system, and it allows much finer-grained and more compact selection.
I also went to great lengths to tag my albums using the Artist as the composer (there were fewer tags when I started), and really want to see a screen with a list of artists, sorted by artist (last, first) + album artists (last, first) and nothing else. No pictures until I click the artist to select an album. While you allow the display to be indexed by last name, you insist on displaying the name as first_last, which makes it a lot harder to use. Classical music fans never use the first names–mostly obscure and unknown.
I had to return to using LMS for my Transporters because Roon does not display enough information on the Transporter screen. I rely upon the clock, for example. I turned it on in the settings, but it seems to not be available on the right display. I have no need of the vu displays or spectrum analyzer.

There is a scroll bar and alphabetical index in the Artists view. Also, a two-finger swipe will move you back and forth through your collection.

Alphabetical index and scroll bar located bottom left corner: click image to view

I suspect your tablet doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to run Roon. Take a look at What Android devices can I use Roon with?

Your comparison with LMS may do better under the Feature Requests.

Hi @James_Rome,

Can you confirm what keyboard you’re using? Is it the default keyboard or something else?

Do you have Allow for more covers and photos set you Yes in Settings > General?

I use Swype.
two-finger swiping of 3000 Artists (and you make many more than I have!) just does not work. For me, swiping often selects something, and then I have to go back.

The bottom of the screen is covered.

Hi @James_Rome,

If you temporarily use the default keyboard instead of Swype do you still have the search issue?