Issues with using "genres extracted from file tag"

Hi @support

This question may well be answered in a post somewhere already… In any case we have a client who just purchased a Nucleus, running latest Roon 1.5 who wants to use his own Genre tags instead of Roons.

He has unticked the box “Use Genres from Roon’s Metadata database” and ticked the box for “use genres extracted from file tags”

While Roon now displays his “own” genres as they should, it also displays the Roon metadata genres. Is there any way of hiding these genres and only displaying the genres from the file?



Hey @Jocke – can you give us a little more information here about exactly what you’re seeing here?

Roon should only show genres from your file tags, but maybe you’re seeing the hierarchy Roon uses to organize genres?

To be clear, all genres from your file tags should be present in Roon (you can confirm this by searching for th genre) and the hierarchy can easily be edited.

For example, if your file tags include “Blues” and “Delta Blues”, Roon will still consider Delta Blues to be a subgenre of Blues. If you want them both to be “top-level” you can edit Delta Blues.

Hope that helps!