Issues with versions and signal path in Roon 1.5

I have a problem with 1.5 with duplicate albums. Basically with black sabbath I prefer my 1986 versions. It now actually won’t allow me to choose this as my primary album, yet the two other albums are ticked primary. When I try to select this as primary it won’t let me.

Also it seems on other albums all version are ticked primary

Here is an example

Also when I play mqa it doesn’t recognise my signal path. I am using a iso regen and a sotm tx ultra reclocking device on my chain

Hi Stephen,

I’ve combined your posts and shifted them into Support so they can track down these issues for you. Are your phone and Core running the same version number of Roon ? Have you tried rebooting your Core and phone ?

Hi @STEPHEN_ANDREWS — Thank you for sharing your observation with us. I appreciate the report!

As mentioned by @andybob above, can you please confirm that your remote device is up to date?

If you access your Core machine directly, are you experiencing this behavior there as well? Or is this just on the remote device shown?


I believe it’s on both. I only ever use my remote to access it and it mirrors the core machine.

Any suggestions how to fix it? What about the primary album issue?

Yes tried rebooting both

Go to Settings/About and check if Core and Remote are running the same version.

What type of device is your Remote ? You can update iOS from the App Store and an Android phone from Google Play.

It appears its two versions. The just checked on my remote (It’s a phone LG v30+ latest LG model)

I just checked on the google play store and it’s saying this device isn’t support by roon? Please tell me you are going to support the LG v30 here

Let’s flag @dylan to see why that’s not loading for you.

Hi @STEPHEN_ANDREWS —- Thanks for the details here, I appreciate it!

Can you please verify what version of Android you’re currently on? For Roon you will need to be on version 4.4 or higher. Since it’s a new phone you should be on a supported version, but I just wanted to verify.

If you’re on a supported version of Android, can you please try running through the steps listed here? Sometimes this message can be displayed incorrectly on Android devices, and running through the troubleshooting steps in the article should help.

Please let me know if the above helps!



I just wanted to check in and see if you were able to get this resolved. If you need any additional help just let me know!


None of this seems to be working. The steps you gave me didn’t give me the option to clear the cache.

Do you support LG v30+?

Hello @dylan

Hey @STEPHEN_ANDREWS — I want to offer my sincerest apology for the delayed response here.

I am going to speak with the technical team regarding what you are seeing. So I have all of the appropriate information, may I ask that you please verify which version of Android your device is running?

Apologies again for the delay.


Thanks for the screenshot @STEPHEN_ANDREWS.

I confirmed with the technical team that this device should be supported and that the error you receive is likely a false positive. After doing some research, it appears that this can happen on Android devices from time to time. The link that I posted previously is the best resource I’ve found on resolving, but since that didn’t help, I do have another option for you.

Using the link above you can use the apk to install the latest version of Roon directly on your device. If you have any questions please let me know!


I have found the 5 Best & Simple ways to solve “Your Device isn’t Compatible with this version”.

  1. Update Google Play Store
    This is the first step you should follow to fix the error. Check that if you have the latest version of Play Store. If not Update it and then try to install the App.
  2. Clear Play Store Cache
    Clearing cache from Play Store may be the right solution for you if above method didn’t work.
  3. Update Google Play Services
    Google Play services are the backbone of Play Store and Google Play Games. Both of these depends on Google Play Services.
  4. Uninstall Google Play Store Updates
    Now you are thinking that we have advised you to update Google Play Store then why uninstalling its update.
  5. Download from Third-Party Source
    Like the different sites like APKMIRROR, etc.

As for 5: do not download Roon from third-party websites.

Roon offers the latest APK on its download page: