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I recently set up ROCK on a NUC8i5BEK. Followed all the instructions but I would like to try to go wireless with the setup. I am unable to go into the WebUI and see a wireless option under networking. I only have an Ethernet option. Could my NUC have a bad wifi card?

Did you disable WiFi in the BIOS?
Worth having a look at that


Rock doesn’t support the NUC8i5 built-in wifi hardware. Rock can support an external USB wifi dongle, though I can’t tell you which one specifically, there doesn’t seem to be a list. Try it, you might get lucky!

I have checked the Bios. Does ROCK work on any NUC WiFi? NUC10 for instance.

William based on what Mike wrote, it sounds like maybe not. I thought the Nuc7 series’supported WiFi but maybe not.
I don’t use WiFi, only Ethernet so I am unable to test it.


Thanks for the help. Guess I’ll attempt the dongles first.

William not sure what Rock supports, but there are a lot of generic usb ethernet cards that I have used with Mac, Windows and Chrome OS (Linux) that have been in the $10-$15 range on Amazon.
Hopefully one of those should work.


Rock has very limited support for WiFi they don’t support all cards as it requires more driver support and they want ROCK simple. Putting your core on WiFi is not a good move anyway and not something Roon recommends at all. Servers do not work well on WiFi they are very busy network wise and will take up a lot of WiFi airtime that can lead to very poor performance. It’s sending and receiving data all the time , WiFi is not duplex and can only do one at once and to one device at a time, this adds to latency and poor playback especially from streaming services. If you have a good solid WiFi network it may perform ok, but it’s really best avoided.

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This is the note on ROCKs Webui on the wireless settings page : “NOTE: Ethernet is more reliable for audio transmission, WiFi should only be used for control.”

I have used WIFi for control on the NUC7i7BNH that I use. It helped with the issue i was having with android not be able to connect to Roon for control.

You do need to make sure it is enabled in the BIOS.

When I enable WiFi in my NUC Bios then I can use WiFi in ROCK?

Martin sound’s like the drivers for the WiFi Chip’s are not included in Rock distribution


Oh okay … That is boring!
Hm, can I install new drivers in ROCK?

Sorry Martin Not on Rock (looked down build) but you can install and version of Windows or Linux distribution. Though Roon does not recommend running the Core over wireless pretty much at all


Yes, for certain models of NUC it works, mine works and shows up on my network, I use it for control only, though.

This is in the notes in “Other important notes on hardware support:” in the Getting started pages here:
“We recommend using the onboard ethernet, but support for some USB ethernet and WiFi adapters is included. Some of the above NUC7s have built-in WiFi, which we may support, but once again, we recommend using ethernet and not assuming WiFi works here, or is an acceptable solution for Roon Core connectivity.”

Not for NUC8.
Not for NUC10.

You can use Windows.

No. ROCK is a locked down system. If you want more freedom in usage then you have to use an OS which gives that to you, Windows (what I like to use), or, Linux would both work fine on that NUC.

Or, you can get a NUC7, like I have, in which the onboard WiFi is working.

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