It had disappeared in my library

I have The beatles / White Album (Produced By Jiles Martin) in my library from Tidal.
And, It had disappeared in my library, after I added files ripped from same title CD(Normal version).
How can I have the same title album in Roon?

You might have Hide Duplicates set. To unhide it

What does your Versions tab show ?

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Hi, Chikolad

I have the same problem.
See below.

Hi @shunichi_saiwai,
I’m not sure it’s the same issue I had here: Tidal Single disappears after adding to library another one with the same name
My problem was with 2 Tidal versions with the same name (I’m not even sure the Versions tab was available then). In your case it’s a local vs Tidal version.
I agree with the others here, maybe it’s a duplicate and you can see it in your Versions tab.

I have not noticed version tab. I found some version in there.
Solved, thank you.

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