It isn’t always WiFi! Solving hiccups problem

(I don’t know what category to put this, it isn’t support as I already solved it.)

I have often written about WiFi working fine, if you have GoodWiFi™ and not BadWiFi™.

But then I got occasional hiccups.
But I still had hiccups in all time zones.
I had hiccups in my main speaker rig and a separate headphone rig, both wired network. Switched to direct USB, local content on internal SSD. Even though traffic didn’t go through the network, I unplugged the network cable.
Still hiccups. Cumbersome to troubleshoot as the hiccups were random and rare.
Only common component is Nucleus. And AC! Cleaned and reseated power plugs. No joy. I have poor power quality in the house, got a power regenerator, reseated it’s power cord. No joy. But I have an external LPS. I had reseated its power cord. I had reseated the 9V DC plug into the Nucleus.

But then I remembered, the other end of the DC cable plugs into the LPS with an XLR plug, cleaned and reseated it. Yay! No more hiccups.

The lesson: sometimes it’s pedestrian stuff, way below the fancy digital stuff we worry about.