It runs but doesn't play the sound

The system is : Macbook 27" + OS 10.14.6 + Merging Hapi

Hello, I’m coming back from abroad after 5 weeks. Roon starts up and seems to be operational but he doesn’t play the music. I have some indicators that work: the little blue levels waving in front of the title that needs to be played, a scroll line at the bottom of the screen completely straight. I have to restart the application or the computer to - sometimes! - get the sound I want to listen to. I have done the checks I thought were necessary, but I don’t understand the problem.Thank you for your help.

Hi @KDM,

Does this only happen when playing to the Merging device? If you play to System Output does that work okay for you?

Hi Dylan,

I had an issue with the merging settings. I talked with the Merging company. And perhaps, in the same time, I have an issue with the wifi network after strong tempests when I was abroad. I am checking everything.


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