It seems as if ARC has reset itself

Earlier today I had my first unpleasant experience with ARC. As I was leaving home I connected iPhone to CarPlay. ARC continued where it left off the previous day for a few seconds and then the music quit.

As I had not yet started driving, I checked my iPhone to see what was going on. It appeared that ARC had lost connection to the core and was asking me to connect again. I reselected my core and was then presented with the message “Syncing with Roon Core for the first time…” This took a fair amount of time, so I did not bother waiting for it as I needed to leave.

Once I returned home, I checked ARC to see that it was connected to my core. Unfortunately I noticed that all my downloaded tracks we gone.

I don’t know what might have caused this. I checked the Roon Server logs and did not see anything out of the ordinary. I also checked my router logs but no network interruptions were reported. Yesterday I did activate 2FA on my Roon account. My first thought was that this had somehow caused it. However neither Roon nor ARC asked me to re-authenticate.

In the mean time I was able to download my ARC playlist again. So all is good for now, but I did want to share this experience.

Same for me…

This has now happened 4 times. Clearly this is not a one-time issue. The circumstances are always the same:

  • Getting into the car and connecting ARC to Airplay using a wired connection
  • Start driving. This means move out of WiFi reach, potentially without 4G/5G connection as I drive out of an underground parking.

On 2 of the 4 occasions, music started playing and then stopped abruptly. On 2 other occasions, ARC did not start.
On each of the 4 occasions, I had to reconnect to my core after which Roon tells me it is syncing for the first time. As a consequence all downloads are gone and all ARC settings are reverted to default.

Next step in troubleshooting:

  • Removed ARC from iPhone
  • Logged out of Roon
  • Logged back in to Roon using 2FA
  • Reinstalled ARC
  • Logged in using 2FA

I don’t know whether Roon updates fixed the issue, or if it was re-authenticating on both Roon and ARC, but I’ve not had any ARC resetting issues in well over a month. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve also experienced this issue right after leaving the house. ARC first threw an “Onauthorized” error, then “Syncing with Roon Core for the first time”, then found out all my downloads had been erased.

Today a friend let me know the same thing happened to her, right after she left home. Seems to me like this is some sort of bug.