It took me a while... to figure out Ropieee XL has been "merged" with Ropieee

I was trying to assist a friend and sent him (and myself) on wild goose chase.
@spockfish , it would be appreciated if you could clearly state somewhere (suitably in the Changelog?) that the extra functionality of XL has been merged into the same distribution as ordinary Ropieee.

I couldn’t find any intel on this, until i stumbled upon a small snippet on this forum.
And since my displayed Audiophonics device was running std Ropieee, updated and all, but didn’t show the Services tab, there was a lot of confusion.

Now, that i realize the two has been “one’ified” i think that’s a great idea.
Thank you for the continued support and a great product! Donation on the way!

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Hi @Mikael_Ollars ,

First of all: you’re right. I’ve haven’t been exactly clear on this matter, so sorry for the confusion.

That being said: since a few releases I’ve been only providing “XL” images. That means if you want to install from scratch you can only get the XL variant from RoPieee’s website.

However, I do (still) provide updates to RoPieee (without the XL) as well. Over the past updates I’ve been preparing those updates to eventually ‘automagically’ turn in to an XL. That will probably take another 2 updates before everything is in place.

It also means that slowly but steadily the “XL” naming scheme is disappearing as well.

I hope this explains it a little bit more clearly where things are going. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask them over here!