It would be great if roon recommended new music even without a linked streaming service

I use Roon for my local library. But I would really appreciate it if the recommendations, related artists and discover would recommend music that I don’t have. I do have a streaming service, but it doesn’t support roon. I would love if Roon leveraged it’s metadata resources to suggest music I don’t have in my library. I would give it a listen and decide it’s worth purchasing.

I tried tidal premium with roon. And the suggestions were great. But Tidal outside of roon is terrible. It’s full of bugs and it doesn’t support google nest speakers. The only alternative is Qobuz which has a smaller library and also doesn’t support nest speakers via voice. The only two services that support roon are probably the only two services that don’t support google nest smart speakers via voice command.

I’m not blaming roon for that. It’s not your fault at all. But my family really values being able to ask google to play music and I can’t justify spending $10+ a month to integrate a streaming service with roon.

What I really want is for roon to make the same suggestions it would make if I had a streaming service. It would make roon much more valuable to me and hopefully to other users as well.